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Page 141: Tire Inflation, Battery Care, Park And Cover The Motorcycle.Bring the motorcycle to a complete stop and, with the transmission in neutral, stop the engine.

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Turn the handlebars until (Minimum) the front brake fluid reservoir is level. 2. View the brake fluid through the sight glass (1).Do not operate the motorcycle for extended periods of time at any one set throttle position.To cancel the turn signals, push the switch in toward the housing when in the centered position.

Manuals Brands Victory Motorcycles Manuals Motorcycle Kingpin 2004 Manual Victory Motorcycles Kingpin 2004 Manual.CLEANING Waxing, Polishing and Applying Protectants (Items Other Than Windshields and Leather Saddlebags) After washing and drying the motorcycle, you can help extend the life and appearance of its components by waxing painted surfaces, polishing chrome surfaces, and applying a protectant to exposed rubber, vinyl, and plastic parts.PRE-OPERATION CHECK Check Rear Suspension Proper rear suspension adjustment is essential for a safe and comfortable ride.An excessively wet air cleaner, or water in the exhaust pipes, may cause the engine to start and run poorly.P current product information available at the time of publication 2004 victory kingpin owners manual you search auto repair manual pdf 2004 victory kingpin owners.COMPONENT IDENTIFICATION Use the information on the following pages to identify and locate the major components of the VICTORY KINGPIN motorcycle, including the vehicle and engine identification numbers, model number and ignition key number.Page 150: Victory Motorcycle Warranty Policy, Limited Warranty.SAFETY Maintenance Maintain the motorcycle according to the following requirements: S Before each ride, complete a pre-operation check as outlined beginning on page 47.

This 55 page illustrated Parts Manual in Pdf Download for the 2004 Victory Kingpin V04 Motorcycles.MAINTENANCE Rear Suspension Inspect Swing Arm and Rear Axle 1.SAFETY Example 1: KINGPIN with no accessories or cargo Gross Vehicle Weight Rating 1170 lbs (531 kg) Item Weight KINGPIN- with full capacity of all fluids 685 lbs (311 kg) Operator - with recommended riding apparel 220 lbs (100 kg) Passenger - with recommended riding apparel 155 lbs (70 kg) Total Weight.This 55 page illustrated PDF Parts Manual for the 2004 Victory Kingpin V04 Motorcycle covers the Models below.Complete factory service manual for the 2008 Victory motorcycle,. 2004 Polaris Victory Kingpin Motorcycle Parts Manual for Models.To check the front suspension, straddle the motorcycle and bring it to a vertical position.

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Page 109: Check Front Brake Fluid Level, Add Front Brake Fluid.

Victory Kingpin Service Manuals Pdf PDF Download

It is not necessary to remove the passenger seat for regular maintenance.Pull evenly on upper left and right side to disengage the two top tabs.

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SAFETY Location of Safety and Vehicle Information Labels Location G (TIRE SAFETY) Location H (EMISSION CONTROL INFORMATION) (49 State Models) (Canada Models) (California Models with catalyst) Location I (PATENT NOTICE) (LH Rear of subframe down tube).SAFETY Safe Riding Practices WARNING Improper use of this motorcycle can result in serious injury or death to you, your passenger and others.Do not allow components to contact the road surface when leaning the motorcycle in a curve, as this could cause loss of control.

MAINTENANCE Brakes Check Brake Pads Look at the front brake caliper pads at (1), and at rear rear brake caliper pads at (2).Google Book Official 2004 Victory Kingpin Service Manuals Summary: Size 59,60MB 2004 Victory Kingpin Service Manuals Full Online Pursuing for 2004 Victory Kingpin.Remove the right side cover. 2. Slide the rubber cover off the cable adjuster, and loosen the adjuster jam nut. 3. Turn the cable adjuster all the way in. 4. Remove clutch lever pivot nut and screw. 5.Excessive RPM could cause engine damage or failure that could result in you losing control of the motorcycle.To minimize the risk of injury, read and understand the information contained in this section before operating the motorcycle.

To check the rear brake fluid level, remove the right side cover.Page 40: Indicator Lights, Headlamp High Beam Indicator, Check Engine Indicator.Your safety and the safety of others are involved when these words and symbols are used.Replace stripped, damaged, or broken fasteners with genuine VICTORY fasteners of equal size and strength immediately.PRE-OPERATION CHECK Check Brakes Check Hoses and Connections Inspect all brake hoses and connections for dampness or stains from leaking or dried fluid.

OPERATION Braking To slow the motorcycle with the brakes, close the throttle and apply the front and rear brakes evenly.Find great deals on eBay for victory kingpin service manual and ford escape service manual 2010.No matter its condition, the drive belt should be replaced at periodic intervals (see the VICTORY Service Manual or an authorized VICTORY dealer).The engine and exhaust pipes are hot for some time after the engine is stopped.Turn the cable adjuster in or out until the clutch freeplay (A) is.010-.030 inch (.25-.75 mm).

Straddle the motorcycle and bring it to a vertical position. 2. View the brake fluid through the reservoir.MAINTENANCE Drive Belt Check Drive Belt Condition Replace the drive belt if it is cracked or has broken teeth or frayed edges.Check Engine Indicator (3) The check engine indicator will illuminate any time the ignition switch is in the ON position and the engine control module sensors report abnormal sensor or engine operation.PDF Book Library 2004 Victory Kingpin Service Manuals Summary Epub Books: 2004 Victory Kingpin Service Manuals Searching for 2004 Victory Kingpin Service Manuals Do.Shop thousands of Victory OEM Parts at BikeBandit.com. Find OEM Victory motorcycle parts, everything from engine and transmission to suspension and body parts.The fluid should be clear and at a level in or above the sight glass.

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