Focus on Fluency : Practical Strategies for Teaching Reading to Struggling Readers in Senior Primary and Junior Cycle Post-Primary Classes

Personalized texts in the hands of a toddler: an in-depth observation, Chris Wettstein.Nonviolent communication as reflective practice in education, Gregory Nelson Tippett PDF Notes on the practice of food justice in the U.S.: Understanding and confronting trauma and inequity, K.

Designing high school science labs for safety, John Logan LeCompte.Effective methods to increase independent reading stamina and motivation for the reluctant reader, Pamela M.Considerations for making and using visual displays for K-3 education, Sarah D.Pen-pal connections: exploring interactions between middle school students of different races, Ann Marie K.Enriching a fifth grade social studies curriculum with active learning strategies, Deana Marie Haug PDF Environmental decision-making of high school students, Mark G.Less fluent readers, however, must focus their. increase the fluency and speed of reading,.Understanding each others differences to build community in the elementary classroom, Deborah Spangberg.Facilitating the smooth transition to kindergarten, Thomas W.

Designing lessons for intervention mathematics classes: an investigation in how to teach underachieving students, Megan J.Mental health identification and referral system for secondary educators, Jeni Mavetz.Effective strategies and interventions for students with autism spectrum disorders: an inservice plan for developing consistent programming, Michelle Tobey.Educational experiences of Liberian immigrants: a case study of four middle level Liberian students, Elizabeth Kinville Vu.

Cooperative learning and music education: application in a middle school band music theory curriculum, Mary Jane James.Using music to teach reading to first grade students, Carolyn R.How service-learning in social studies increases the overall academic success and civic engagement of students, Daniel M.Classroom management: recommended management techniques for a diverse classroom, Melissa Tapper.Building a learning community to help motivate low-achieving students, Karla L.Using formative assessments to guide reading comprehension instruction, Tamara M.Some program components and teaching strategies that promote the development of number sense and problem solving in mathematics for primary students, Ann L.

Emerging as an educational leader: my experiences in alternative education: an autoethnography, Dawn M.Incorporating the concept of classroom community within a curriculum for pre-kindergarten learners, Charlene K.Promoting self-directed learning in a high school foreign language classroom, Kevin J.Individualizing reading instruction: from groping to grouping, Lisa Marie Palkki.How coaching high school baseball has changed in the last fifty years, Justin Brown.A local grant writing curriculum for fine arts teachers, Franklin M.

Using the early numeracy interview to differentiate instruction for a second grade mathematics student, Kathryn Lee Kidd.A modification of a 5th grade science curriculum to meet the needs of English learners, Emily T.Henehan PDF Exploring the Implementation of Project-based Learning at an Alternative High School, Mairead Kathleen Beane.Connecting mathematics through innovative tools, Sandra Kay Flint.Teaching writing strategies by using primary and intermediate writing buddies, Amy Nordlund.

A training model to lay the foundation for long-term change in instructional practices, Beth Swenson.A framework for inclusion: a guide to integrating students with severe disabilities into the classroom, Jennifer Luo Luomala.Nature play initiatives: a study of nature play areas and programs at environmental education organizations in the United States, Rebekah H.A history of environmental education in Minnesota: 1970-1990, Kevin Clemens.A reading curriculum utilizing graphic organizers to help remedial readers better understand informational texts, Barbara A.Using nonfiction literature to teach reading strategies in a sixth grade classroom, Karen Louise Quirk.The contributing factors of cultural learning styles in the development of a multicultural classroom, Andrew M.A problem-based peace education curriculum for urban junior high school students, Jill K.

Exploring the visual arts and early writing skills in an elementary immersion environment, Hannah Geimer.Dr. Short will also review effective instructional strategies and introduce why.The paradox of education reform: the effect of implementing the Profile of Learning on teaching and learning in Minnesota, Dean Richard Larsen.How grammatical language objectives affect language development in English language learners: a curriculum design project, Jaime S.Improving scores on Advanced Placement European History multiple choice tests by using student response systems, Paul Th Lund.How a balanced mathematical approach of whole group and small group settings, with a focus on math talk, better addresses differentiation, Samantha Gaarder.

Increasing adolescent readers ability to summarize expository text with specific feedback, Tracy Lynn Philstrom PDF Increasing Autonomous Academic Motivation in Intermediate Elementary Students by Reducing Fear of Failure, Whitney Schill Ramirez PDF Increasing Capacity and Quality of Alternative Break Programs: Moving to a Student Led Model, Margot Southwood Howard.Meeting the needs of the high-ability math student in the regular education classroom, Tanya Kay Elliott Galland.How can literacy centers ensure success for all students, Gerald Michael Kliber.Restoring values within our youth by Matthew Gonzalez., Matthew Gonzalez.Morrissey PDF Improving Cultural Competence and ELL writing through Culturally Relevant Digital Storytelling, Julie Robeck Harrell PDF Improving Educational Practices for Karen Newcomers by Understanding the Schooling Experiences of Karen Refugee Students, Alice Ramona Vang.

Action Research in Teacher Education: Classroom Inquiry

A culturally responsive resource guide for middle school educators: developing cultural awareness through research-based lessons, Lauren Schletty Thurmer.Focus is on listening and reading. one of the goals of the teaching English as senior high school is to develop. strategies chosen by learners are modified to.

Motivation from within: using poetry to create success, Kelly M.How can community college faculty develop and initiate a hybrid program for beginning and small farm management education, Eric J.Trammel PDF The Influence of Parent Language Use on the Dual Language Development of Simultaneous Bilinguals, Berit Erin Gelvez.Implications of cooperative learning in a self-contained EBD classroom, Molly Caroline McCool.Integrating into a predominantly white campus: students of color share their stories, Sharandra S.Content Posted in 2016. PDF. A guided reading model for struggling primary readers:.Helping proficient decoders increase comprehension, Rebecca Holk.

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