This is due to the Friends and Siblings element in 10 Gods for a Jia Wood is Yi Wood.In the Nourishing cycle, Wood nourishes Fire and is nourished by Water.Since their roots are always firmly rooted in the ground, Jia people are reluctant to changes, and if changing circumstances are forced upon them, it will be slow and gradual.But they will eventually spring back just like a tree eventually recovers from being struck by an axe.If the Jia Wood DM did not face any criticism or scolded, the person will be attracted to legal issues.

Like a little flower, they may appear weak but can still grow well in a harsh environment.Wood people are not big on discipline for the sake of discipline.

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On the next day when you propose your business idea to the investor, it is too late that the Jia Wood has already using the roots to grow and reach the investor faster than you.Related Book PDF Book Bazi Day Pillar Geng Metal Useful God: - Home - Algebra Connections Volume 2 Answer Key - Algebra Connections Cpm Math Answer Key.Name Gender Date of Birth Time of Birth Day Master Day Pillar Hour.BAZI DAY PILLAR - Mastery Academy BAZI DAY PILLAR FORECAST REPORT 2015.

A Jia Wood DM female is hard to runaway from 2 situations in life.You may not have the awareness on a Jia Wood and somewhat belittling them because you think that their action and movement is always seen and it is slow.They may appeared as unfeeling, not because they are heartless but because they do not tune to what is going around them.This is due to the above explanation where Jia Wood needs to be chopped by Metal.They are not the type that sensitive to the issues surrounding them.Another way to avoid the legal issues, the Jia Wood DM may go for acupuncture.They are righteous and not the type who will beat around the bush.Wood people would find the colour green, vertical shapes, and live plants in their environment all contributing to overall harmony.From this instance, we can see that Yi people are very flexible but can also be realistic too.

If you see anything of yours that has not been properly credited or wish to have it removed please Contact Us.Like a strong tree with roots firmly grounded, any changes are unlikely to happen overnight.In Chinese medicine, wood is associated with negative feelings of anger, positive feelings of patience, and altruism.The emotion of Wood is anger, and the organ system is the Liver along with its related organ system, the Gallbladder.Wood is associated with growth, especially new growth,as its associated time of year is Spring.Like a small plant growing up softly and curly, and emitting as a beautiful and gorgeous flower.Then this Jia Wood person will have to wait until it meets with the luck cycle or annual pillar that. and from there you will find your Bazi chart and your Day.

In Chinese Taoist thought, Wood attributes are considered to be strength and flexibility, as with bamboo.Organs associated with this element are the liver ( yin ), gall bladder ( yang ), eyes, and tendons.

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In this way, Jia people are able to sympathise and empathize with others, and will not turn away when someone is in need of help.When typhoon happens, the small plants will swing and waver with it.From the way trees extend themselves to reach sunlight for growth, Jia people will spend efforts to plan and develop in order to move upward from their current situation.Yang years end in 4 (e.g. 1974) while Yin years end in 5 (e.g. 1975). Wood governs the Chinese zodiac signs Tiger, Rabbit and Dragon.In terms of financial aspect, Yi people can spend efforts to save well, they would not waste easily and can be quite stubborn about this.Though they may be creative, things or events may not happen as they wished.

While they make good leaders, they lead by gaining the cooperation of others rather than expecting them to be obedient.The Wood person will be expansive, outgoing and socially conscious.

If your staff or colleague is a Jia Wood DM, you need to be blunt on telling out their mistakes.Relationships with Fire and Water people tend to be easier for the Wood Person.Wood people may tend to have a temper especially if frustrated.To enhance, add the Water element in the form of a fountain or fish tank.To communicate with a Jia Wood person, you need to be very straightforward and straight to the point.

When most people think of Chinese Astrology, they immediately think of.Due to the development of a tree is slow the Jia Wood person is the type that reluctant to change until they are being forced to.To a lady that wanted to marry the Jia Wood boyfriend or husband, you probably need to be very blunt when talking to them.A touch of red, or Fire Element further nourishes the harmony.Also, we know that by chopping the tree we can use the wood to make chairs, tables, papers, etc.Yin Wood represents the strength that it takes for a new shoot to push up through the ground, a chick needs to break through the hard shell of an egg, or a baby needs to come out into the world.Please write feedback here Here you can read media articles about the Chinese Buddhist Encyclopedia which have been published all over the world.

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Although they can be very modest, they tend to be possessive at heart and are very careful and meticulous.They are always developing just that we cannot see it in short period of time.Yi people are that they can coordinate very well and will not insist on their own opinions.

The characteristics of Jia people are that they have strong willpower, are outspoken, will not give up easily even encountered some setbacks.The root is holding the soil (Ji Earth ) and it is physical hiding under the ground.We would also appreciate your feedback on Chinese Buddhist Encyclopedia.Day and even down to the Hour Pillar. English About Joey Yap Joey Yap is the founder of the Mastery Academy.Belong to pine and cypress and big tree, strong and powerful.Yang Wood represents the planting of the seed, the moment of conception, the essence of creation.

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Yi Wood is a parasite that lean against the tree to reach the top in order to get expose to Sun ( Fire ) which is considered as competing with the tree to obtain the same benefit.Related Book Epub Books Bazi Day Pillar Geng Metal Useful God: - Home - Labor Dental Tcnica 4 2014 Spanish Edition - Labor Dental Tacnica 3 2013 Spanish Edition.Book Yourself A BaZi Destiny Analysis Consultation With Joey Yap Or Any One Of Joey Yap.Usually if the Jia Wood DM looks tall and sturdy with benevolence character will be a successful one.

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